The Video Helmet Camera Invention

The Video Helmet Camera Invention

The Video Helmet Camera has certainly risen to the forefront of popular movie-making in just the last few years, especially in sports. Nick Woodman, CEO of GoPro, is now the head of a billion-dollar company, right here in California as thousands of people don their GoPros and go riding, surfing, climbing, flying and descending, and then share their experiences with the world on YouTube, Vimeo, and a plethora of other delivery methods.

London’s “The Independent” featured a retrospective on the history and contemporary uses of the video helmet camera, which includes an interview with our CEO and Director of Photography, Mark Schulze, who is known as an early innovator of the video helmet cam which he invented for use in our mountain bike videos.

Who dares films: Why extreme-sports fans love helmet-mounted cameras

 They’re capable of recording your every move. Will Coldwell gets a high-def heads-up.

Video helmet cam operator Mark Schulze follows mountain biking champion Cindy Whitehead on a singletrack trail in Southern California wearing his homemade video helmet cam invention

Mark Schulze videotapes Cindy Whitehead with his homemade video helmet cam invention

One sunny day in California, way back in 1987, a young film-maker called Mark Schulze gaffer-taped a camera to his motorcycle helmet, wired it up to a microphone, got on his bike and pressed “record”. Two decades later and thousands of people around the world are making films using high-definition cameras to depict their adventures exactly as they see them.

But unlike Schulze’s original contraption, a DIY affair that was crude, bulky and heavy, helmet cameras are now mass-produced by global brands such as GoPro, Contour and Drift. Consequently, clipping a camera to yourself and filming has become surprisingly straightforward.

To see the rest of this fascinating article, go to The Independent.

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